mixing boy mlw 9002

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MLW Mixing Boy 9002
Metering and mixing unit for Amalgam

The versatile Metering and Mixing Unit MLW 9002 is used in Stomatology to produce filling materials for molars and premolars.
Its compact design and the solid construction of the unit provide that it operates at a low noise level and can be integrated into any existing instrument cabinet drawer. The MLW 9002 system is absolutely Hg-proof with a specially marked lock cap on the reservoir for mercury and silver.
The unit incorporates functional finger grooves on the lock caps and a drip tray has been integrated on the side where amalgam is removed and where the constituents are added. It is also possible to adjust the quantity of constituents added and to preselect the mixing time individually from 1 – 99 seconds. Thus optimum mixed consistency of all filling materials can be achieved. By turning the locking handle, the dosage is now automatically and exactly set in one step to the preselected value (mixing ratio Hg / Ag and mixing time). The dosage can be doubled by turning the locking handle again.
A high quality amalgam is achieved by the new vibration system in which the mixing capsule rotates in a mixing movement in the shape of a horizontal 8. In the event of an incorrect operation – for instance errouneous metering without the mixing capsule being screwed down – the standard lock on the mixing capsule will prevent the unit to be switched on. Any incorrect operation is simultaneously signalled by the flashing display.
The MLW 9002 can be used with the mixing fork which is part of the delivery specification and universally as a capsule mixer for pre-metered injections of medication and capsules with a variable mixing time.
technical data
mains voltage: 220 V , 50 Hz / 60 Hz – 115 V , 60 Hz
power input: 105 W
dimensions (WxHxD): 225 mm x 220 mm x 260 mm
weight: 6,0 kg
mixing frequency: approx. 3200 vibrations/minute

delivery specifications
2 mixing capsules
1 disposable mixing fork for pre-metered mixing capsules and injections
1 cleaning brush
2 filling funnels for Ag and Hg

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